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Yahoo Finance: Fundiin Partners with Vietnam National Credit Information Center (CIC)

Fundiin is proud to announce the official signing of a strategic partnership with the Vietnam National Credit Information Center (CIC). This milestone marks a significant advancement in the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) and fintech sectors in Vietnam. Fundiin is the first BNPL provider in the past five years to establish a partnership with CIC, having successfully passed CIC's rigorous assessments and evaluations. A special thanks to Yahoo Finance for sharing this announcement from our startup portfolio Fundiin. Yeah, keep fighting towards your vision and goals, Fundiin!

Please kindly read the full article and its key takeaways below. Thank you so much and just keep going with Zunzun Catchup!!

  • According to the cooperation agreement, CIC will provide Fundiin with credit information services, including credit scores for individual borrowers. With reliable data from CIC combined with the existing technology platform for eKYC and credit scoring algorithms, Fundiin can quickly and accurately assess customer creditworthiness, thereby making effective credit approval decisions.

  • Additionally, Fundiin will periodically provide CIC with credit information and the repayment data of Fundiin users, contributing to CIC's efforts to update and strengthen the national credit data system.

  • By partnering with CIC, Fundiin will assist consumers in gradually building their credit scores, enhancing their access to quality financial services, and promoting effective personal financial management.

  • In December 2023, Fundiin became an official member of the Vietnam Fintech Club (VietFintech) under the Vietnam Banks Association (VNBA). Currently, Fundiin has partnered with over 600 retailers and major brands such as Lotte Cinema, Pharmacity, Guardian, Paula's Choice, providing BNPL features to users in 63 provinces nationwide.

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