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TechinAsia: How this UOB-backed startup disrupts Vietnam’s retail pharmacy

Buymed was born out of a vision to turn mom-and-pop pharmacies into primary care. Doing this would provide residents in rural areas access to basic medical services. To date, the startup now claims to have 1,000 suppliers on the platform serving 30,000 pharmacies across the country’s 63 provinces and 12,000 communes. Buymed has ventured into the B2B2C (or franchising) segment. By helping startups optimize drugstores’ bottom lines and increase their sales, the company can earn additional revenue. It also supplies the inventory to these small pharmacies, which, in return, act as mini fulfillment centers. The next step for Buymed will be linking these drugstores with other stakeholders across the healthcare system, such as clinics, hospitals, and insurance providers. P/s: Thanks TechinAsia for sharing about our Buymed’s meaningful growth journey. Yeah, just keep fighting!!

Please kindly find the full article on TechInAsia for your reading below. Thank you so much!!

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